BRIDAL CHOICE   (Photography Only) 

- (2) Photographers for up to 8 hours
- Copyright free images available via our website
- Shot in High Resolution

- Free Engagement Session
- Free wedding day timeline prepared by our professional coordinator

- Up to (4) wedding day locations
- Discounted online print & keepsake ordering

BRIDAL FUSION - (Photography & Video) Show Special *LIMITED TIME PRICE

- (2) Photographers for up to 10 hours
- (1) Videographer
- Shot in HD 1080p, 4k, or higher

- Your copyright free images and video are delivered anywhere in the world via     web download, flash storage device, Blu-Ray disk, or DVD
- Free engagement Portrait Session

- Free wedding timeline prepared by our professional coordinator

- Cinematic highlight film of your entire day 

* Full-length documentary available & priced separately
- Free wedding timeline prepared by our professional coordinator
- Unlimited wedding day locations  

BRIDAL PLATINUM FUSION VIP   (Photography & Video) 

"Without question the best value anywhere for professional photography and fully edited HD video combined in one amazing package!" 

- Shot by Matt Dieter personally
- (2) Photographers & crew – for up to 12 hours
- (2) Videographers & crew – for up to 12 hours
- Shot in 1080p, 4k, or higher

* Shot by Matt Dieter and team personally                      
- Copyright free images & video, available anywhere in the world via our web

  download, flash storage device, or Blu-Ray

- Elite Engagement Portrait Session
- Free wedding timeline prepared by our professional coordinator
- Free Photo Booth included – see description below
- Shot in HD 1080p and/or 4K
- 45 to 60-minute full-length feature film and highlight reel of your amazing day
- YouTube, or Vimeo version of highlight reel
- Free Photo Booth included – see description below
- Web-link of video for social media and web sharing

- Arial photography and video may be included *where otherwise not prohibited by

  weather, regulation, or law



-  Full wedding day coverage from bridal preparations through the reception
- 45 to 60-minute full-length feature film and highlight reel of your amazing day
* Full-length feature is approximately 45 to 60 minutes long, filmed in cinematic 

  HD and capturing the romance and beauty of your entire wedding day.
- Additional hours available - customary hourly rates apply. Please contact us 

  regarding your specific needs, and a detailed quote.

PHOTO BOOTH - (Add this to any package)

Get ready for the fun! This is an exciting, (two) hour, red carpet style photo booth with a professional photographer engaging you and your guests. Your friends and family will love this and you can enjoy free web access to all of your HD digital images the very next day for download, social media, or to print directly from our site at special discounted pricing. 


* All services include full access to your copyright-free images via our website. Our professional, on-line print services are second to none in quality and value. Your prints and keepsakes will look better and be far less expensive than using a local lab. Your order will be quickly delivered right to your door in just a few days.  Simply click on the "Clients" tab and make your selections. 

**All of our packages are intended to provide the most flexibility and value available anywhere in the industry. If any of our packages aren't exactly what you're looking for please contact us to create a personalized solution - we'll be glad to help. 

INVESTMENT   Begins at $1,899.00

*Please contact us for additional package and promotional prices, or for commercial quotes


"I hired a cheap wedding photographer!"                                                                       June 2017

Hi, my name is Lauren, 

I hired a cheap wedding photographer… and I’m here to prevent you from doing the same!​

The fact is, when I was planning my wedding, I had no clue about anything. I didn’t know what to expect costs to be, what to look for, or how to even know figure out what I liked. The only resources I used were large, popular wedding sites because that’s all I knew about and quite frankly, all that I could find back then. When I used the budget recommendations of these sites and magazines, the recommended photography percentage was way below what I was realistically seeing for photographer pricing. I didn’t have anyone to tell me what the “normal” pricing was for a good photographer, or even how to know what would be considered “good”. I was counting on the resources I used to help me, and they sadly didn’t. To make a long story short, this is one of the reasons why I set out to provide realistic information to brides about weddings, and so here I am today! (Note: go here to find out what to expect wedding professionals to cost!)

I’m certainly in no way a photographer, but since I don’t want you to make the same mistake that I did, I thought it would be helpful to pass along some tidbits that I wish I had known when it came to wedding photographers…

- The Knot 2016


One of the first things that would be crucial to know is the normal cost for decent photography, because I myself had no idea. According to my survey of wedding professionals, you can expect to see pricing around $3500 for a professional photographer. This of course will vary depending on location, as well as with the photographers and their experience.


Oh my goodness- I definitely wish I had known more about what to look for when it came to quality! I met with 4 photographers, but I got so fixated on price that I forgot to also look at quality. It can be quite difficult to compare just based on price, because often times photographers’ pricing structures are different- not to mention that their experience and quality is going to be different too! So please, I beg of you- pay more attention to the quality than to the cost!


Keep in mind that photographers are not just taking photos of you for 8 hours on your wedding day. They also have to edit the photos (which can take up to 30 hours), design the album, answer your emails and phone calls, and carry out all of the other administrative duties that owning a business entails. (There is so much more, but I’ll leave that to the photographers to explain!) Sure, it’s easy to say that a photographer is making $3500 for a day’s work, but all of the work done before and after the wedding ends up being way more than just one day.

[Note: Don’t get me wrong when I say “cheap photographer”. I paid more than what would normally be considered “cheap”- it kills me knowing what I paid, and now knowing what I could have had for that same amount. But when you consider what was included in the price (my 12 hour wedding day, engagement session, bridal session, album and prints), and then see the pretty much unedited images, then yes, it was indeed “cheap”.]

Needless to say, I’m still pretty heartbroken about my lack of knowledge when it came to choosing my photographer. Now that I look at amazing work from photographers every day, I know that my photos could have been so much better. But you live and you learn, right?


Everyone should have a wedding budget, but it also makes sense to invest a little extra - both in time and money - when selecting a professional photographer to record one of the most important events in your life. Years from now, when the cake, the entertainment, the food and the fun have faded from memory, all you're left with are pictures and video. What could be more important than that?


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